Thursday, June 27, 2013

Leonard Merrick: A Digital Reader

Leonard Merrick (1864-1939) was an English writer of good books, now generally forgotten. Thankfully, he's having a resurgence. Three years ago, he didn't have a Wikipedia page. Now he does. Many of his works are available on the Internet Archive. However, they're unorganised. Here's a chronological list of his novels with links:

Mr Bazalgette's Agent (1888)
Violet Moses (1891)
The Man Who Was Good (1892)
Cynthia (1896)
One Man's View (1897)
The Actor-Manager (1898)
The Worldlings (1900)
Conrad in Quest of His Youth (1903)
The Quaint Companions (1903)
The House of Lynch (1907)
The Position of Peggy Harper (1911)
When Love Flies Out the Window (1914)